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A Ryobi Circular Saw is one of the best tools you can have in the shed.




Set up properly and used in accordance with the operating instructions, youíll find your Ryobi Circular Saw is a great asset in many D.I.Y. projects.

Before using, check the circular saw starting with the lead. Make sure the plug is fine and that there are no nicks in the lead, then check the blade Ė make sure all the teeth are there and that it runs true and is not loose. Make sure that the guard returns properly all by itself and that the blade is square to the base.

When using a circular saw firmly secure the timber using clamps and set the saw to the correct depth by adjusting the base plate so that the saw blade is about 3mm or so deeper than the material youíre cutting.

Remember to use safety equipment. Youíll need safety glasses and earplugs. If youíre working with fibro cement, MDF board or treated pine you will also need to wear a P2 dust mask.

One of the hardest cuts to make is a rip cut - thatís when you cut along the length of a board or a piece of timber.

Donít allow offcuts to freefall, as this can damage your work or cause injury. Use sacrificial timber to support your work so offcuts canít fall.

Fix this to your saw horses, then cramp your work to them, keeping the cramps out of the way of the saw. The best way to achieve this is to secure the timber to the workhorse. Then set the blade depth, and set the rip fence (supplied with the saw) to your required size. Start with the saw well off the end of the timber, power up and, holding the circular saw firmly, push it steadily along.

For cross cuts using a circular saw, donít use the rip fence supplied with the saw, as itís not designed for this. Again use sacrificial to support your work and the offcut, then make your own fence by cramping a straight board across the timber. Measure your saws baseplate to see how far the fence must be offset from the cut line.

Kevinís saw had an offset of 114mm. When the cut is made, both pieces are cleanly and safely cut.

The Ryobi Circular Saw is a valuable, flexible and time-saving power tool in the Lets Do It workshop and just part of the range of quality tools from Ryobi.




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