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BASIC TOOL KIT – Faye De Lanty




Whether you live in a house or a unit, a great thing to have on hand is a basic repair and maintenance survival kit.

The first thing you’ll need is a claw hammer enabling you to hit the nail on the head and remove nails you don’t need.

Add a small saw, a cordless drill with a selection of drill bits, a tape measure, a set of screw drivers both Philips head and Slotted. It is also a good idea to keep a spare set of screwdrivers in the kitchen to stop you running out to the shed for small jobs inside the house.

A four piece plier set consisting of long nose, combination, side cutting and a locking plier, a set of spanners and an adjustable spanner just in case you have any non standard work to take care of.

It’s a good idea to have a set of paintbrushes as well as a roller and a paint tray, a good utility knife, some wood working glue and duck tape.

For all types of jobs, a good selection of assorted wood screws and self-tapping screws, a variety of nuts and bolts, cup hooks and screw eyes.

On the safety side you’ll need some good quality safety gloves, eye protection using safety glasses, earmuffs or earplugs for ear protection and if you’re working in a dusty environment a dust mask.

And there you have it…the basic repair, maintenance and survival kit that will get you out of trouble around the house. Lets Do It uses and recommends Supercraft tools, available at Mitre 10 and leading hardware outlets.






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