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.... Painting A Concrete Shed Floor - Faye De Lanty
Faye paints a concrete shed floor with White Knight Ultrapave paving paint. Itís also useful for driveways garage floors and pathways, and can be used for exterior and interior applications

To begin, use the White Knight Concrete Etcher Ė itís especially good if your concrete is weathered and stained. Itís environmentally friendly and trouble free and itís a much better option than hydrochloric acid. All you do is mix it with water and scrub Ė allow it to react for 20 seconds and wash off.

Paint the edges first then use a roller to paint the remaining concrete. White Knight Ultrapave paving paint is quite thick so it may only require one coat. Itís water based and comes in a variety of colours.

Painting concrete makes it much easier to keep clean, it is nicer underfoot, it wonít stain, it minimises dust and reduces damp - so your tools wonít rust.




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