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How To Change A Fuse - Kevin Farrell

How To Change A Fuse

How To Change A Fuse

How To Change A Fuse

How To Change A Fuse

Changing a fuse is a relatively simple procedure.

To begin, turn off the power to all appliances on the circuit that has blown. Pull out the fuse block and check to see if the wire is damaged. Using a screwdriver, unloop the bit of broken wire and remove. Written on the board will be the maximum amount of AMPs you can use. Using the package with various fuse wires Kevin puts a 20 Amp wire back by looping it back over the screw. On the other side of the fuse block, pull the wire reasonably tight and nip off the excess wire and return it to the box.

Note: If there is no maximum amps written on the board or fuse block, light circuits use 8 amp fuses and general power either 10 or 15 amps, although stoves and air conditioners may require higher amps.

A circuit breaker is a handy thing to have if you’re caught out unexpectedly. They replace the old ceramic fuses and there are no wires in them at all. Simply pull out the old fuse and push in the circuit breaker in its place.




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