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Securing Windows With Lane Locks - Faye De Lanty

Securing Windows With Lane Locks

Securing Windows With Lane Locks

Securing Windows With Lane Locks

Securing Windows With Lane Locks

Securing Windows With Lane Locks

Securing Windows With Lane Locks

Protecting your family and home is easy using a variety of Lane window Locks.

Faye demonstrates how to install key based locks to a sash, sliding and awning window.

The Sash window lock simply replaces the existing standard lock. Itís a two-step process.

Secure the lock using the Phillips head screws provided. Once the lock is positioned, remove the Phillips head screws and replace with the one-way screws that an intruder canít remove. If you want to have the window open and locked, Faye fits a bolt lock on the side. With the window closed position the bolt lock. Then press in the bolt to mark the position. Drill a hole using an 8mm drill bit and then lift the window to the desired opening and drill again. These holes will enable bolt to secure the window.

Finally using the one-way screws, secure the bolt to the window.

To fit a lock to a sliding aluminium window hold the template in place and drill the holes for the screws using the recommended drill size. Secure the screw then drill the second hole. The 3rd hole needs a slightly bigger drill bit. This holds the locking bolt in place.

The Awning window lock is made from policium so it wonít rust or corrode. The lane window winder simply replaces the old winder. It locks for security and the window closes quickly without the key and wonít get stuck.

Lane locks come in a range of colours. If you want the same key for all your window locks, check that the key codes on the packs match.




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