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Masonry Fasteners - Monte Dwyer

Masonry Fasteners - Monte Dwyer

Masonry Fasteners - Monte Dwyer

Masonry Fasteners - Monte Dwyer

Donít be afraid of fixing anything to masonry. Monte demonstrates a few simple techniques using a variety of fasteners.

A dyna-bolt is used to carry a substantial amount of weight. The 3 pieces of a dyna-bolt are the threaded cone, the split sleeve and the nut. Monte inserts a dyna bolt into a thin slab of lightweight concrete demonstrating how the cone end flares. As the nut is tightened the cones pull through the sleave and opens up the leaves forming an extremely strong anchor in the hole.

If you want to hang something lightweight like a picture, use an easy drive hook and screw. This is the same principal as the dyna-bolt with the sleeve going through and the screw opening out to hold it fast in the wall.

Wall plugs are used by drilling a hole, placing the plug into the hole and then inserting the screw.

Spaghetti comes in a continuos length and is useful for fixing skirting boards to masonry. Drill the holes into the board, put the spaghetti in, cut off with a sharp tool and then drive a nail into the spaghetti.

Self-tapping masonry screws and anchors come in a variety of sizes. Very simple to use, just drill the hole and screw them in.




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