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Build a Trophy Cabinet - Build a Wine Box (4 bottle wine crate) - Monte Dwyer

Build a Wine Box (4 bottle wine crate) - Monte Dwyer

Build a Wine Box (4 bottle wine crate) - Monte Dwyer

Build a Wine Box (4 bottle wine crate) - Monte Dwyer

View a PDF of the plane

To view a PDF of Bert's Wine Crate, right click on the above image.

Monte uses vintage Kauri pine timber to make a 4 bottle wine carrier crate for Bert Newton and he presented to him on Good Morning Australia recently.

The exact dimensions and shown on this web site.

The crate is great for carrying bottles up from the cellar or taking empties to the bin or full ones to BYO parties and Restaurants.

It’s also great as a small wine rack.

When recycling timber always remove the nails before feeding it through the thickness planer.

Step 1 – Sides, base & dividers.
Cut 4 identical pieces of timber for the sides and base, and then your dividers.
Remember to cut a taller piece for the middle divider so you can fashion a handle.

Step 2 – Handle.
To fashion a handle, use an old paint tin to mark the outside circle and a smaller tin for the inner circle. Mark the rest of the handle freehand.

Step 3 – Cutting the Timber.
Monte used a Ryobi Scroll Saw to cut the joints for each side. If you don’t have a scroll saw you can use a fret saw for the sides and a bow saw for the handle. Cut and measure one side and use as a template for the others.

Step 4 – Dividers.
Measure and cut the dividers and use Selley's Aquadhere to glue it all together. Clamp and leave overnight to set.

Step 5 – Finishing Up.
Sand and treat with a quality oil finish.





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