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Combination Gas Powered Soldering Iron/Blowtorch and Gluegun - Kevin Farrell

Glue gun

Soldering iron

Kevin demonstrates the cordless gas powered glue gun by using it to position the numbers on the front door before screwing down permanently. To charge the glue gun use a can of gas, the same way you would a cigarette lighter.

Kevin fixes the cloth cover on a speaker.

He runs a thin bead of hot glue along the edge and waits a few seconds until it sticks.

Keep your fingers clear, as the glue gets very hot!

He also has a loose electrical connection in another speaker. All you need is the soldering iron, some solder and flux.

The trick is to get the wire nice and tight.

Then dab on the flux which will flow through when heated.

Put the soldering iron on to connect with the wire and it will flow into the joint.

If it beads, its not hot enough.




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