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Masonary Cutting - Kevin Farrell

Masonary Cutting - Kevin Farrell

Masonary Cutting - Kevin Farrell

Masonary Cutting - Kevin Farrell

Masonary Cutting - Kevin Farrell

What are the best type of discs to use when cutting masonry with an angle grinder?

Angle grinders are very versatile for cutting masonry and there are a few different discs available. There’s the old type of fibre disc, they’re used for cutting either metal or masonry. Be sure to only use them as per the labels. If you can’t read the label throw them away. Although they are relatively cheap the disadvantages of these discs is that they wear out quickly. They also have the potential to shatter, with pieces flying everywhere.

Kevin recommends using a diamond blade made by Supercraft. They’re inexpensive and long lasting and they won’t wear down. Because they’re one piece of metal they won’t shatter.

The most common thing to do with a grinder is to cut a paver. Ensure you wear eye protection, gloves, long pants, shoes and hearing and breathing protection. When cutting pavers or bricks or tiles be sure you sit them on a good sturdy surface and hold the grinder firmly with two hands while cutting.




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