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Install Whirlie Bird - Kevin Farrell

Install Whirlie Bird - Kevin Farrell

Install Whirlie Bird - Kevin Farrell

Install Whirlie Bird - Kevin Farrell

Install Whirlie Bird - Kevin Farrell

A roof ventilator is very effective at removing heat from your roof in summer and removing condensation in winter, keeping the mould and mildew out. Theyíre suitable for both tile and steel rooves.

Kevin demonstrates installing the ventilator 3 tiles down from the ridge cap on a tile roof.

When youíre on a roof you should wear a harness. Contact your local Kennardís for more information.

For rooves such as shingles or slate contact the Mitre 10 advice line.

To remove a tile get your fingers under the front edge and lift up, then lift the two tiles behind it and slide the tile forward. Push the soft base material up under the front lip of the top tiles to stop it slipping down. There is a little strap youíll need to install on the bottom side of the opening that needs to be nailed in.

These roof vents are adjustable for any roof pitch. Use a spirit level as t he top of the ventilator needs to be straight. Secure with the clip provided and then seal all the inside seems and joints to ensure water canít get in.

Lastly you will need to put some vents in the eaves to create airflow to get the best results from the ventilator. The vent needs to be placed in an eave thatís in the same roof section as the roof vent. AS far as positioning, avoid the nails on the eaves. Ensure that the eave is not made of asbestos, if it is DO NOT CUT IT. The cut out measurements are on the vent simply mark up the area and then drill stud holes in each corner. Then use a keyhole saw to cut out t the hole in the eave. Wear a mask to protect your self from the dust. They use a very simple locking device, simply position the vent and with a screwdriver lock it in.

A good tip for working on a roof is to start early in the day to avoid the summer heat.




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