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Installing Plasterboard

Installing Plasterboard

Installing Plasterboard

Installing Plasterboard

Installing Plasterboard

1) Start with a Mitre Plan from your nearest Mitre10 store.

 2) Measure the wall to quantify the amount of materials. Plasterboard comes in two widths 1200mm for 2.4m or 8 ft ceilings or 1350mm for 2.7m or 9ft ceilings. Length of the sheets are 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.8m, 5.4m.

3) You will also need plasterboard screws, 30-35mm, stud adhesive, jointing tape and a sharp knife.

4) Measure your first sheet & cut with the knife, just scoring the paper surface using a straight edge preferably metal. You donít have to cut right through, then just simply snap the sheet and then cut the paper on the other side.

5) Place dollops of stud adhesive approximately 300 mm apart but not where you will need to nail or screw (as the adhesive tends to push the nails out as the temperature changes). You donít need many nail or screw fixing points, as the adhesive will hold the sheet in place.

6) Fix the sheets with horizontal joints. The edge of the sheet is recessed to allow for joint setting and a smooth continuos finish.

7) Place the special jointing tape in position & using a 100mm broad knife spread the bedding coat into the joint. Donít overfill & feather the edges so you havenít got to sand too much off later.

8) Having allowed the bedding coat to harden (this takes around 24 hours) sand off any rough or loose bits, then using a 200 to 250 mm broad knife spread the finishing coat. Allow to dry then sand smooth using a very fine glass paper.

9) Paint using at least 2 coats of acrylic. It is not necessary to prime or undercoat




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