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Building a Portico

Building a Portico

Building a Portico

Building a Portico

1) Measure the space to determine the quantity of timber required. We used 70x35 treated pine for the roof frame.

2) Cut the timber by mitring to make your own small trusses.

3) Assemble using Gang Nails then fix the trusses in the desired position.

4) Fix the 40x40 mm treated pine battens overlapping the gable ends to create a small eave.

5) Paint prior to fixing the clear Alsynite roofing.

6) Fix the roofing using self-drilling roofing screws with rubber washers. Ensure the hole in the Alsynite is 2-3mm larger than the roofing screws for expansion and a little movement.

7) Cover the ridge and ends with galvanised barge capping and fix with roofing screws.




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