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Mitre Plan - Shed Hooks

Shed Hooks

Shed Hooks

Shed Hooks

1) If you have a timber frame wall you can screw your hooks into the timber studs which are at approximately 600 centres.

2) If your walls are brick or cement rendered you will have to fix a horizontal piece of timber (70x35mm) to the brick or cement render.

3) Position the timber then drive a nail through the timber to mark where you want to fix. You can use Ramset Spaghetti by simply following the size directions on the pack, drilling the holes from your nail marking, push in the spaghetti and cut close to the surface.

4) Reposition your timber and nail home. For a stronger fixing you can use Ramset Dyna Bouts available in many sizes.

5) Drill a starting hole smaller than the hook thread then simply screw the hook into position.




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