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Mitre Plan - Storage Options

Mitre Plan - Storage Options

Mitre Plan - Storage Options

Mitre Plan - Storage Options

Mitre Plan - Storage Options

1) Measure the space to ascertain the amount of materials required. Allow for the completed frame to be fitted with 10mm gaps all round. It is much easier to pack out than having to cut excess off.

2) Materials Used: 19mm MDF Sheet 2400x1200, 90mm doorjamb already rebated. The centre jamb will be rebated on both sides.

3) Assemble the frame having housed out the timber and secured with Selleys Aquadhere glue and screws.

4) Fix the completed frame in position packing out for a snug fit for all round then nail into position. Ensure the frame is square and use a spirit level to check if its vertical.

5) Cut the MDF doors allowing 5-6mm less all round to accommodate the hinges and to allow the doors to open and close easily.

6) Chamfer the top of the right hand opening doors to stop it catching on the frame as it is opened.

7) Fit the hinges and knobs. Then remove for painting.

8) Fit the architrave all round and the job is complete.




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