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Pet Door Faye De Lanty

Pet Door  Faye De Lanty

Pet Door  Faye De Lanty

Pet Door  Faye De Lanty

In this particular situation where the property is rented we cannot cut holes in doors & windows for our pets, so a simple solution is required that will keep both the landlord & the pet dog happy.

The solution was to fit a pet door into a purpose built frame then fit the frame to the aluminium sash window.

Firstly using 19mm marine 5 ply or weather proof ply measure and cut to size to fit the window.

Mark out the pet door on the plywood by scribing the opening flap size allowing 2-3mm extra for an easy fit.

Drill 10mm starter holes in each corner of the marked opening then cut out the opening using a jigsaw.

Paint the ply to suit your window colour & fix the pet door in place.

Open the window and in the channel that the window sashes slides in, place the newly made panel and wedge it into place.

Close the window down on top of the panel, then for permanent security add a Lane Locks window bolt on the inside of the window frame to stop intruders from opening the window.




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