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RYOBI BAND SAW – Kevin Farrell

RYOBI BAND SAW – Kevin Farrell

RYOBI BAND SAW – Kevin Farrell

RYOBI BAND SAW – Kevin Farrell

There are a thousand and one reasons to cut tight curves and small items around the home.

There’s a bunch of ways you can do that. The traditional way would be to use a coping saw. It’s hard work.

Another common way, is a jigsaw. Jigsaws can be difficult because the saw must be moved over the timber, making clamping of small items nearly impossible. The blade is thick and inflexible, making tight curve tricky to cut.

An ideal tool for this kind of work is a Ryobi band saw. The band saw has a thin blade that runs around two wheels. With this thin blade you can cut really quite tight curves and have a lot more control because you’re moving the material over the machine.

Kevin demonstrated a curved cut by first making clearance cuts to allow the waste to fall away as the curved cut is made. He stressed that cuts should be slow and steady, letting the saw cut at its own pace.

Kevin also demonstrated how easy it is to cut a bevelled curve, mitres, compound mitres and stopped bevels. This band saw has a tilting table and an adjustable fence to allow these cuts.

Wedges are one of the most dangerous things to cut. On a mitre saw these can jam the saw or fly out and hurt you. The band saw is the best way to make wedges; you can simply push the timber across the blade, keeping your fingers well clear.

Once the band saw was available only to serious woodworkers, but these days it’s a very versatile & affordable tool from Ryob1.




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