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Go into any hardware store and you’ll see aisles and aisles of fasteners and it’s quite intimidating trying to work out what you want.

The best trick is: read the label.

You’ll find fasteners for fixing to timber, self-tappers for fixing to metal, self-drilling screws, and multi-use fasteners.

Once you work out what kind of screw you want or what kind of fastener you want, then it’s just a matter of working out the gauge or the thickness and the length. If you’re still in doubt, there are more tips on the back of the labels.

Also on the back you’ll find out exactly what sort of tool you’ll need to apply your fastener. For instance if it’s a Philips head screw the package will tell you what size screwdriver to use for a snug fit that won’t chew out the screw head.

Other fasteners require hexagonal (allen key) drivers or hexagonal sockets to drive them.

Once again, if you get into trouble or you’re not quite sure what you want, see the shop assistant, they’ll love you for asking!

Quality fasteners used on Lets Do It were manufactured by Buildex, Ramset & Zenith.




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