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Timber Wash Faye De Lanty

Timber Wash

Timber Wash

Timber Wash

Faye finished off Kevins pine coffee table from last week using Accent Paint Timber Wash from Mitre 10. To achieve this same effect follow these simple instructions.

To begin the timber needs to be sanded using 220-glass paper.

Make sure you choose a good quality brush such as one from the Rota Cota Spirit range.

Apply the paint liberally in any direction, as the excess will be wiped off with a lint free cloth to help with the effect.

Tip: Paint small sections at a time and wipe off the excess with the grain to the desired finish you like.

This process will leave your timber with colour but with the grain of the timber still visible. When finished clean up with mineral turps and allow it to dry.

Then sit back and admire your work.




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