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Mitre Plan Dado Lining Boards Faye De Lanty

Mitre Plan Dado Lining Boards

Mitre Plan Dado Lining Boards

Mitre Plan Dado Lining Boards

Mitre Plan Dado Lining Boards

Using a Mitreplan from the Mitre 10 Website Faye has chosen the timber & paint she will use to construct the dado lining boards for this week.

The timber lining boards are Radiata Pine Regency Style tongue & groove & they can be precut to size if necessary @ Mitre 10 to your measurements.
Your measurements will depend on a number of factors such as window height & also ceiling height as to high could easily look out of proportion.
Firstly the preparation.

1) Remove all skirting and architraves that will be affected by the positioning of the lining boards. This is best done by prizing off the skirt etc with a wood chisel and a broad paint scraper type knife.

2) Replace the architrave around any doors adding a 12mm timber bead to the back of the architrave to accommodate the thickness of the lining boards.

3) Using Selleys Liquid Nails fast grab apply a continuous bead of glue horizontally and approx 300mm apart. Then place the in position with the groove edge against the door architrave. Continue with all boards tapping gently into place with a timber block to ensure they are completely home and finish in a corner where you will probably need to cut the last board to make it fit.

4) Fix the Dado moulding piece on to the top of the boards with glue and a couple of nails to hold it in place. The Dado moulding we used was a Victorian style with a 12mm rebate already cut into the back to cover the top of the lining boards.

5) To finish off the wall or room replace the window architrave and skirting boards and you now have a whole new look to brighten up any room or space.

Tip - It is easier to paint or stain the lining boards prior to fixing especially if they are a different colour to the rest of your wall.





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