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Stable Door Kevin Farrell

Stable Door

Stable Door

Stable Door

Stable Door

Kevin has been asked to solve the problem of an old back area with no window so it can be ventilated and used as a home office.

The quick and least expensive option was to cut the existing old solid door in half and create a stable door with the top half open when in use.

By following these easy steps you too can create a solution to an area with no ventilation or light.

1. To start the door needs to be removed, but to make refitting the 2 doors later much easier it is best to add the 2 extra hinges now as well as replace the old ones. This will ensure the 2 doors will swing freely and in line.

2. Kevin replaced the hinges using Zenith non-mortice hinges that require no rebate and are very quick and easy to fit.
Tip: choose a position on the door frame and door jamb that is in good condition and pre-drill the screw holes as old dry wood tends to split otherwise.
Open and close the door on its new hinges to make sure it swings freely.

3. Having now removed the door cut them in half at the desired height you have chosen, removing an extra 25mm to allow for the bottom door to have a new piece of rebated doorjamb fitted. This piece of jamb will act as housing for the top half door and provide a weather shield also.
You will need to shape this piece of timber to ensure the door closes and fix in place using Selleys liquid nails and a couple of locating nails to hold it in place till the glue hardens.

4. Fix a Zenith Barrel Bolt to allow the bottom door to be latched and a second barrel bolt vertically to join the top and bottom doors together to allow them to act as one when necessary.

If you have a glass section like we did and want some privacy as well as light then choose a frosting colour from the White Knight range and simply spray it on following the directions on the can.





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