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Selleys Wet Area – Kevin Farrell

Selleys Wet Area

Selleys Wet Area

Selleys Wet Area

Repairing the silicone seal between the bath and the tiled wall

Selleys Wet area is a specially designed silicone for use in bathrooms where a joint is going to get wet but without being immersed in water.

Kevin is preparing to repair the gap between the bath and the tiles. He has removed the old silicone and the bath and the tiles are now clean.

  1. Firstly to ensure a clean professional finish it is best to mask either side of the joint to be filled with masking tape allowing a couple of millimetres of both bath and tiles to be exposed for the sealant to adhere to. We used Selleys blue masking tape designed for the job.
  2. Apply the Selleys Wet Area silicone by pushing the tube nozzle allowing ample sealant to enter the gap joint. When the run is complete use a wet finger and smooth and press the sealant into the joint leaving a smooth cove finish with any excess spread onto the masking tape.
  3. Before the sealant gets a ‘skin’ remove the masking tape and the job is done.

Remember that in other corners of your bathroom use Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom instead as it is paintable unlike Wet Area which is not paintable




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