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Mitre Plan Build a Bunk Bed – Monte Dywer

Mitre Plan Build a Bunk Bed

Mitre Plan Build a Bunk Bed

Mitre Plan Build a Bunk Bed

This week Monte has used a Mitre Plan on how to build a bunk bed. You can get a copy of the Mitre Plan at your local Mitre 10 store or follow the links to the Mitre 10 website.

Instructions for finding the MITREPLANS
On the Mitre10 web site:

  1. Go to the Mitre 10 Home page
  2. Hold your cursor over the “Do It Yourself” icon
  3. Click onto ‘Build It’
  4. Select the plan of your choice

Firstly the preparation.

  1. With all the timber cut size it is time to set out the assembly process.
  2. Having marked the drilling points for the screws firstly drill 10mm holes 5mm deep for the timber cover buttons. This will hide the screw heads & provide a superior finish.
  3. Make sure to ‘square’ the end frame & glue with Selleys Aquadhere while screwing it together.
    Tip: It is best to measure the assembled frame diagonally and when the measurements are the same – your square.
  4. Complete the assembly preferably in the room you intend to use the bed as it will not fit through a standard doorway.

Tip. When drilling the holes for the dowell to make the ladder steps don’t drill all the way through but instead drill the holes 20mm deep only. This will give a better finish and make the assembly and ‘squaring’ much easier.




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