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Mitre Plan Timber Joints – Kevin Farrell

Mitre Plan Timber Joints

Mitre Plan Timber Joints

Mitre Plan Timber Joints

Mitre Plan Timber Joints

Although this is somewhat of a boring subject it is essential information for even the backyard handyperson.

Joint 1.
Overlapping joints are used mainly for a flooring joist that requires joining and will have the floor boards nailed to it. By joining the joist side by side you provide quite a strong joint but your line of nails now has a kink in it and looks very unsightly.

Joint 2.
Using a pair of plates (12-19mm ply would be fine) cut to size the joist can be butted together in line and the plates bolted or screwed & glued to either side forming a very strong joint.

Joint 3.
Half lap joint where the timber is housed out to half thickness for approx 100mm on each joist. Then when joined together with bolts or screw & glue forms a very strong inline joint also. This half lap can be cut horizontally into the joist also be is not as strong.

Joint 4.
A strong joint that also looks good is a scarf joint. Here you cut the 2 ends to be joined at a minimum of 45 degrees or even 30 degrees if your saw will allow. Then simply overlap screw & glue or bolt .

Instructions for finding the MITREPLANS
On the Mitre10 web site:

  1. Go to the Mitre 10 Home page
  2. Hold your cursor over the “Do It Yourself” icon
  3. Click onto ‘Build It’
  4. Select the plan of your choice




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