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1. On a previous show we used a tool to cut a mortice lock rebate.
The tool used was an ITW Proline Mortice Punch No L000142. This punch is not only easy to use but the result is the best fit you can possibly provide and will look very professional.
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2. The question was, can a small dent in a Gyprock wall be steamed out to fix the unsightly mark.
The short answer is no but it can be filled using one of the Polyfilla products which are ready mixed & easy to use. Simply fill using a scraper, sand smooth & repaint.
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3. How can I cut timber straight with a circular saw.
The solution is to use a guide or fence. Using a straight piece of timber slightly longer than the piece you want to cut clamp it to the job ensuring in your measurements that you allow for the saw guard. Then keeping the saw hard against the fence push through to the end in one motion. You can also cut through your guide fence when cutting melamine sheets and this will stop the saw from chipping your work.
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