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Supercraft Range of Pliers - Kevin Farrell



You can never have enough pliers. When a problem arises at home or on the road it’s often pliers that come to the rescue. They’re useful for clamping, cutting, crushing, loosening and tightening.

A must-have in any toolbox is the Combination Plier. It can grip fine things, larger items and can even cut wire and nails. The second must-have is the long-nose plier, for reaching into tight spaces.

The locking plier has got Kevin out of trouble more times than he can count. Available in a range of sizes and shapes they act like a third hand, locking-solid to hold things while you work.

Another must-have is multi-grip or slip-joint pliers, which have long handles for enormous grip and the capacity to open up an hold very large items. For specific purposes there are “Circlip” pliers for automotive and mechanical use; fencing pliers for cutting and twisting wire and for driving and removing staples; and many others.

Kevin’s Tip: Buy the best quality pliers you can afford, so when you really need them they won’t let you down.

So next time your looking for pliers check out the Supercraft range, available at all good hardware stores.




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