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check out the MitrePlan

check out the MitrePlan

check out the MitrePlan

It's been around for ages, so everyone knows the protection and comfort that shadecloth can bring. There are several UV ratings and many colours available, so you’re bound to find one to match your home.

You’ll need a shadecloth cutter, to make the job easy, and the right fasteners – butterfly clips for attaching to cables and plate fasteners for timber.
Attach one side of the shadecloth to your frame, then pull the cloth taut and tack the other side (until you’re happy there’s no kinks) before installing all the other fasteners.

We made an innovative tilting frame, pivoted on two posts. This allows the shadecloth to be tilted toward the sun for maximum shade at any time of the day. Stainless steel cables and hooks were used to hold the frame at different angles. Attach cables front and back, and to both posts for maximum stability in winds.

For more information about shadecloth, check out the MitrePlan!





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