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Taubmans Tuscan Finish - Faye De Lanty and Kevin Farrell

Taubmans Outdoor Colour in a “Tuscan Finish”

Taubmans Outdoor Colour in a “Tuscan Finish”

Taubmans Outdoor Colour in a “Tuscan Finish”

Taubmans Outdoor Colour in a “Tuscan Finish”

Taubmans Outdoor Colour in a “Tuscan Finish”

Kevin Farrell builds some simple panel and box forms using treated pine and fibrous cement sheet. He reinforced the corners with steel edge beading, then used plaster to set the corners and joints smooth.

When the boxes were placed in position he used ‘lashings’ of Liquid Nails to glue down concrete blocks to form the tops. Kev reckons Liquid Nails is the perfect masonry joiner, because its quiet, fast and sticks like...well, you know.

Faye De Lanty brought some Taubmans Outdoor Colour in a “Tuscan Finish” to complete the project. Despite Kevin’s choice of black (he really has no idea), Faye went for “Binko” which is much more trendy.

Cut-in the corners with a brush, then use a roller with a “fluffy” 20mm sleeve for textured surfaces. When using rollers, use a “W” pattern, overlapping each stroke about half the width of the roller. This will give the best paint coverage and an even texture.

After the first coat is dry, apply a second coat using a broad, coarse brush. Use random “X” strokes, then wait about half an hour for the effect to be revealed. If the Tuscan Finish is not for you, there’s a Stone Finish, a Flat Finish or even a Timber Finish.

All that remains is to dress it up with plants and the obligatory water feature.

Taubmans paints are available at all good hardware stores.




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