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Ryobi Electronic Rebate Planer – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi Electronic Rebate Planer – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi Electronic Rebate Planer – Kevin Farrell

If you have lots of planing to do, the best way is with a power planer. Kevin reckons the Ryobi Rebate Planer is the right tool for the job because it has some great features and does the job perfectly.

This plane can eject waste either to the left or right – this keeps your bench and tools from being buried in shavings and sawdust – plus it has a bag to catch shavings. There’s also a stand that lets you put the plane down safely on the bench while the cutter is still spinning down.

Another great feature is its ability to cut rebates (a stepped cut). By using a simple fence, the planer can cut straight, accurate rebates very quickly. The soft start feature also takes the ‘kick’ out of the machine.

The Ryobi Electronic Rebate Planer is available at Mitre 10 and other quality hardware stores.




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