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White Knight Tub & Tile – Faye de Lanty

The great thing about old baths is their luxurious depth, but they can become pretty daggy over time, with chips, stains and discolouration. Replacing an old bath can be very expensive, because it often involves major work – including re-tiling. There is a much cheaper, faster alternative – White Knight’s Tub & Tile paint.

Step 1: Prepare by cleaning the bath to remove all traces of soap scum or other build-up.

Step 2: Use fine-grade wet-or-dry abrasive paper to sand the whole bath, making sure the shine is completely removed. Tie plastic bags over the taps and shower heads to prevent water drips. Mask around the bath and put drop sheets in place.

Step 3: Mix and apply Tub & Tile according to the instructions on the pack. The paint is self-levelling for a smooth finish. Two coats may be required. Remove the masking and it’s done! It’s very durable, and looks just like a new bath – only deeper!

Tub & Tile can be used on ceramics and all types of metals (but not plastics) – you could even give an old fridge a spruce-up.




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