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Zenith Storage Hooks and Shelves – Monte Dwyer

Zenith Storage Hooks and Shelves – Monte Dwyer

Zenith Storage Hooks and Shelves – Monte Dwyer

Zenith Storage Hooks and Shelves – Monte Dwyer

Not everyone’s as organised as Monte. So some people need help to get their stuff off the garage floor and stored neatly away.

There’s a wide range of hooks available for hanging just about anything. Use strong fasteners (Monte used roof screws with the washer removed), and screw into the wall frame (you can find the hidden timber with a stud finder or the old-fashioned knocking technique).

When it comes to hanging things from roofs, you should generally not hang off roof frames because they’re not designed to take loads from below. However, if you have a second storey above you it’s probably safe for moderate loads.

Monte used a lockable hook to secure a bike so the kids can’t run off with it. If hooks won’t store everything for you, there are shelf brackets that will. Available in lightweight and heavy-duty designs, and in sizes up to 600mm, there’s a type to do the job.

Fasten them to your walls up to 900mm apart (any wider and your shelves might sag), and top them with the shelving of your choice (Monte used plywood and particleboard). Screw the shelves to the brackets to prevent them toppling off.

You never know, you might even get your car in your garage!

More space saving, convenient and easy to use products from Zenith, available at all Mitre 10 and all other good hardware stores.




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