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Supercraft Range of Hammers – Kevin Farrell

Supercraft Range of Hammers

Supercraft Range of Hammers

If it doesn’t fit, get a bigger hammer! So Kevin reckons. There’s more to hammers than meets the eye, and there’s a range for specific uses.

Everyone should have a claw hammer in their toolbox for general work, but if bricklaying is on the agenda a brickies hammer is great for chipping bricks into shape.

A ballpein hammer is ideal for mechanical work, but a rubber mallet or soft face hammer are ideal for persuading things with doing damage.

Wooden mallets should always be used with chisels to prevent damage to the chisel handle or your hand.

Whichever hammer you use, some things don’t change:

  • Prepare your hammer by cleaning it on fine sandpaper. A rusty or dirty hammer face will slip off nails – bending them or hitting your fingers.
  • Sand the face flat, but never grind it or the hardened face will be ruined.
  • Hold your hammer close to the end of the handle for maximum leverage and greater control.
  • Give yourself lots of practice at nailing.
  • Start a nail with a single hit, then move your hand away.
  • Drive the nail with straight hits, letting the weight of the hammer do all the work for you.
  • Never hit hammer faces together. The hardened faces may chip or crack.

So if you need to hit it, chip it, bend it or remove it there’s a hammer out there to do the job.

Supercraft hammers are available at all Mitre 10 and all other good hardware stores.




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