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White Knight MDF Primer – Monte Dwyer

Man-made materials such as hardboard, MDF, chip board, and plywood are all made from fibres or chips held together with glue. They need a different paint preparation to natural timber.

Monte advises to use the right tool for the job, recommending White Knight’s MDF Primer because it penetrates the pores of the base material, preventing moisture from entering. It also provides a “key” for the top-coats of paint to adhere to.

When it comes to preparation, there are no shortcuts. Sand your project well, to remove any blemishes, and clean off any dust or oils.

When it comes to brushes, you get what you pay for, so if you use a good brush the primer will go on more easily and smoothly.

This primer is touch dry in 30 minutes, and can be coated in 2 hours. Wash up is in water, and it can be top-coated with water- or oil-based paints.

Monte’s hint: When painting new skirting boards, paint them before fixing them to the walls. You’ll get a much better finish, less cleaning up and few touch-ups are all that’s required.




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