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Ryobi The Sanding Process – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi The Sanding Process

Ryobi The Sanding Process

Ryobi The Sanding Process

Ryobi The Sanding Process

We all have to sand from time to time. But doing it well can make the difference between a job that looks amateur and one that looks professional!

Sanding solid timber is something many people have trouble with, so the first thing to do is understand the material. Timber has a grain direction, and you should sand along the grain if you want good results. Don’t sand across the grain, because it will tear the fibres and look terrible when stained or clear finished.

There’s a range of equipment available to make sanding easier. They all sand, but each does it a little differently.

The belt sander uses a continuous belt of sandpaper so that it strokes straight, and sympathetic with the grain. It can really power off lots of material and it’s easy to operate, as the belt simply slips on, and there’s just one adjustment. When you use a belt sander move it backwards and forwards along the grain. Kevin used it to restore an old window.

The random orbital sander moves its disc in a random pattern. It’s quite comfortable to use and can also power through the work. It uses disks of sandpaper, perforated to extract dust from the work. The disks are held on with Velcro for a quick change.

The orbital sander has a large, vibrating base so you can hold it flat on the work. It also extracts dust from the work.

The other key ingredient is sandpaper. There are many available, just make sure you choose the right one for the material you’re sanding so they’ll perform at their best. Start with a course grit and work down to fine.

Of course, you could simply use a sanding block, but that takes lots of elbow grease.
Kevin reckons that with the right gear you’ll get a better job quicker, and you’ll love doing it too.





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