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Selleys Exterior Silicone and Sealants – Kevin Farrell

Selleys Exterior Silicone and Sealants

Selleys Exterior Silicone and Sealants

Selleys Exterior Silicone and Sealants

Selleys Exterior Silicone and Sealants

The best time to repair all your weatherproofing jobs is a warm, dry day. Kevin decides to repair a hole in brickwork (left from a heater flue).

A sheet of galvanised steel will be used to neatly do the job. The metal is primed with etch primer, then painted with Rustguard. Kevin’s tip is to spray with long, even strokes, without being too heavy handed with each coat. This will avoid paint runs, and give an even finish.

The key to the job is a good weather seal, so Kevin chose Selley’s All Clear because it’s paintable and flexible enough to move with changes in temperature.

The steel was then fixed to the wall with Tapcon fasteners. These screw straight into the brickwork without plugs. Washers were used to space the steel out from the brickwork, allowing space for the All Clear to be applied. Use plenty of sealer in the joint to make sure water can get in, then smooth the sealer with a finger wet with turps.

While he’s in the mood, Kevin searches out other weatherproofing problems. He repaired a leaking roof with Selley’s Roof and Gutter, in a colour to match the shingles.

Kevin recommends pushing the nozzle, rather than dragging it, because you’ll get more sealant into the joint. Smooth off the sealant before it has a chance to develop a skin. While he’s up the ladder, Roof and Gutter is used to seal a gutter inside and out – if you intend painting the gutter, do it before applying the sealant because it’s not paintable.

This is a job you shouldn’t put off for a rainy day. Get those sealants ready for a dry one!

Selleys products are available at all good hardware stores.




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