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Selleys Araldite – Kevin Farrell




Any good chemical engineer, who works with epoxy resins, will tell you it’s all about bond strength and durability. But Kevin likes to think of it as “Getting out of trouble”.

The trick is to mix it well and make sure you use equal parts of the two-part glue. The batch Kevin mixed will give him one minute of working time, but there are others that give 5 minutes or an hour.

Araldite gives a super-strength, weatherproof, heat-resistant bond that works on metal, ceramics, porcelain, rubber and most plastics. It’s great for kids toys, kitchenware or even a Greek goddess.

There’s also an Ultra Clear version for invisible repairs and gluing glass.

Kevin reckons Araldite is a must for the toolbox, so you have it on hand next time you need to fix something in a hurry. Keep your eye out for the syringe applicator because it makes it impossible to get the mix wrong.

Selleys products are available at all good hardware stores.




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