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Mitreplan - Build a Timber Gate – Monte Dwyer

Mitreplan - Build a Timber Gate

Mitreplan - Build a Timber Gate

Mitreplan - Build a Timber Gate

Mitreplan - Build a Timber Gate

Monte built a gate in a side passage to keep the dogs out and kids in (or vice versa). He’s built a simple one from treated pine, but he says that you can build a fancy one if it’s an entrance gate, and the information’s all there in the Mitreplan.

Step One:
Monte installed a fence post by bolting to an existing brick wall. Tip: make sure that you drill your holes deep enough for the Dynabolts, because once you push them in there’s no getting them out!

Step Two:
Measure the space for the gate and work out how many palings it will take. Make sure they are even across the opening.

Step Three:
Layout the palings and screw the bracing on the back, using “treated pine” screws.

Step Four:
Mark a curve on the top edge (Monte improvised by using a phone charger cable – but you might like to use string!) and cut with a jigsaw. Seal the cut ends with “Endseal”.

Step Five:
Hang the gate by first screwing the large “Tee” hinges to the bracing rails, then position the gate and screw to the posts. Leave about a 10mm gap to allow the gate to swing freely.

We chose a Zenith stainless steel “pad bolt” to secure the gate, so it’ll last a lifetime. Maybe a coat of paint would finish it off?

And the job’s done! Our gate is one of the simplest in the Mitreplan, but you can be as elaborate as you like.





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