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Mitreplan – Do Your Own Mosaics – Faye de Lanty

Mitreplan – Do Your Own Mosaics

Mitreplan – Do Your Own Mosaics

Mitreplan – Do Your Own Mosaics

Mitreplan – Do Your Own Mosaics

Mitreplan – Do Your Own Mosaics

Faye was searching for some artistic inspiration, and found a Mitreplan for doing your own mosaics in tile. She’s decided to create her masterpiece on a coffee table that she had painted earlier. The tabletop has a timber edging around it to frame the tiles, but this can be fitted later if you wish.

Select tile colours that go with your design, and then draw it onto the tabletop. Faye decided on an abstract theme. Now the fun part. It’s time to break some tiles. Just make sure you wear safety glasses.

Lay the tiles inside an old towel and use a persuader (hammer) to crack the tiles into useable sized pieces (about 20 to 40mm). Be careful not to crush the tile. Any larger pieces can be cut down later using tile nippers.

Now lay the tile fragments into your design, leaving about 3mm gaps for grouting later. Don’t worry if it looks a bit rough – that’s the idea! The grouting will fill the gaps later to give a very nice look. Tile nippers can be used to shape tiles to fit as your work of art nears completion.
Once you’ve completely covered the tabletop it’s time to start gluing.

You could glue each piece individually, or you can use contact sheet to lift all the tiles at once. Press the contact sheet down firmly to make sure every tile is stuck. Place a piece of wood over the whole design and flip the whole thing over. Then lift off the top and the tiles are free and in one piece.

Faye uses Selleys Tile Bond for her coffee table, but if the mosaic is for outdoors, use Selleys UniFix, which is perfect for wet areas. Spread the glue evenly and put the tiles back using the reverse process. When the glue is dry, apply your grout. Faye used a grey grout to contrast with the tiles.

Polish it when dry and you can be as impressed with yourself as Faye is!





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