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Mitreplan - Unblocking Sinks – Faye De Lanty

Mitreplan - Unblocking Sinks

Mitreplan - Unblocking Sinks

Mitreplan - Unblocking Sinks

Mitreplan - Unblocking Sinks

Faye has a blocked bathroom sink to unblock, but before calling the plumber she tries a few things first:

The sink plunger:
This lifts blockages, but does take a little effort.

Remove the S bend:
If plunging doesn’t work, carefully unscrew the S bend and tip the contents into a bucket. You may need to clear stubborn blockages with stiff wire. Re-install, making sure the pipe work seals properly and the joints are tight.

You might try caustic products or less toxic products like Actizyme.

If you do call a plumber, make sure you tell him or her if you have used any chemicals (to prevent burns).





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