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Accent Decking Oil – Monte Dwyer

Accent Decking Oil

Accent Decking Oil

Not all jobs go smoothly, and this was one that didn’t! Our little deck had been prepared with the decking boards upside down, so Monte had to rip them up and lay new ones before he could show you the good oil!

The grooves in decking boards are designed to allow air to circulate between the board and the joists. This helps prevent rot from occurring at those joints. So remember: The grooves go down!

You might like to “stop” (another name for fill) nail holes with putty before applying oil. If your deck is old and weathered it should be cleaned and sanded before applying oil. New decking should be allowed to dry for a few months before oiling.

Make sure you stir the oil very well before applying. You could use a sponge or pad, but Monte prefers to apply oil with a good brush.

Always apply oil along the boards from end to end (say 4 or six boards at a time), and then move on to the next set. This avoids ugly “overlap” marks in the stain.

Monte chose oil for his deck because it allows the natural beauty of timber to show through, and it allows the timber to breathe. Paints envelop the timber in a skin that can trap moisture in and promote rot, and they also build up year after year, whereas oils do not.

Apply a second coat after 24 hours and the job’s done.

Monte’s tip: Apply Accent Decking Oil every year and your deck will last indefinitely.




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