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Files – Monte Dwyer

Files – Monte Dwyer

Files – Monte Dwyer

Files – Monte Dwyer

You can buy files without handles, then buy handles to fit to them or make your own, although quite often they can become loose and dangerous. Supercraft have a whole range of files with softgrip handles that won’t come loose.

Surforms are designed to remove large amounts of material quickly. They don’t clog easily either, and can be cleaned quickly with a wire brush.

Rasps are available in half-round and flat types, and some have different grades (coarse and fine) on each side. They’re great for shaping and finishing a wide range of curves and into corners.

Flat files are available in single and double cut varieties. The double cut file won’t clog as easily as the single cut variety. Always push the file forwards and use as much of the file surface as possible.

Triangular files are used for sharpening saws, but can also be very handy for many jobs that require filing into tight corners.

Rat tail files can be used for enlarging a hole that’s too small, or for shaping small radius curves. They are tapered on the end, so they’re different to a chainsaw file, which is parallel and sized to match chainsaw teeth. File every second chainsaw tooth in the same direction as it was originally ground, then turn the saw around and do every other tooth – just remember to wear gloves when sharpening chainsaw blades, and remove the battery/unplug/remove the sparkplug lead to prevent accidental starting.

Monte’s tip: Buy quality and you’ll have you’re tools a long, long time.




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