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Wine or Shoe Rack Faye de Lanty

Wine or Shoe Rack

Wine or Shoe Rack

Wine or Shoe Rack

Everyone needs a good spot to store wine, and this little rack is very simple and inexpensive to make.

All you need is a length of 32mm square timber (Faye used Tassie Oak) and some 16mm dowel. Faye used a cordless Ryobi mitre saw to cut the dowels to 500mm and the legs to 300mm. This will hold 12 bottles (of Grange Faye reckons sure Faye). You could cut the parts with a hand saw if you feel energetic.

Next drill the holes in the legs so the dowels can be attached. Faye used a Ryobi drill press with a spade bit, but a hand-held drill could also be used. The advantage of the drill press is that all the holes will be square and exactly the same depth, with no risk of drilling right through. Faye used a simple fence to make sure all the holes are dead-centre in the legs.

Then sand the parts and assemble with glue. Selleys Aquadhere is ideal, because it dries clear and gives you enough time to work.

If you dont drink, you could use this little rack to store shoes. If its not big enough, just make more and sit them end to end, or even stack them.





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