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Selleys Aquadhere Exterior - Toolbox – Kevin and Faye

Selleys Aquadhere Exterior - Toolbox

Selleys Aquadhere Exterior - Toolbox

Selleys Aquadhere Exterior - Toolbox

Kevin & Faye make a large toolbox to keep their tools organised. The parts for the box are glued and screwed together, then the lid is sawn off. This makes sure the lid will be very strong, and that the lid will align perfectly with the box when it shuts.

Faye puts together two lift-out trays that will house nails, screws and bits & pieces. They simply glue and nail together, using Selleys Aquadhere Exterior, because this gear needs to be robust and weather-resistant. Use plenty of glue and remove excess with a damp cloth.

The box has ledges (made from plywood) glued and nailed to the sides to hold up the trays, and a rack with holes drilled in it to store screwdrivers. To house chisels, Kevin first fixed a series of small blocks to the box (using glue and nails), then covered it with plywood to protect the chisels and his fingers.

The lid is an ideal place to store saws, and other thin tools. A few simple blocks is all that’s required, but make sure you leave enough space to pull the saw out.

The box is finished-off with products from the Zenith range. Hinges for the lid, handles for lifting, castors, and a locking hasp (catch) for the lid.

  • Kev’s tip: Use a short length of chain fixed to the inside of the box to hold the lid open.

Selleys and Zenith products are available at all good hardware stores.

Kev and Faye's Toolbox

Parts List Quantity Length Width Thickness Material
Sides 2 900 600 12 Construction grade plywood
Ends 2 576 600 12 Construction grade plywood
Top & Bottom 2 600 600 12  Construction grade plywood
Driver rack 2 576 50 12  Construction grade plywood
Ledges 2 798 30 12 Construction grade plywood
Wheels 4 50      





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