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Picture Hanging – Faye de Lanty

Picture Hanging – Faye de Lanty

Picture Hanging – Faye de Lanty

Picture Hanging – Faye de Lanty

Pictures and photos can help make your house feel more like home. You might like to plan where the pictures will go by placing them around the base of the walls, or using pieces of paper and low-tack masking tape or even Blu-tak to find just the right spots. Stand back and check them for colour, balance and reflections.

Then decide which fasteners will be best for the job. For plasterboard walls there are a variety of “Wall Mate” fasteners for different weight pictures. Simply screw into the wall with a hand-screwdriver, and fix a hook to the Wall Mate.

You could also use hollow wall anchors, or for heavier pictures, use spring toggles or gravity toggles.

If you have picture rails the job is even easier, as you can simply buy special hooks that hang from the rail.

For the pictures themselves, there are “picture hanging kits”, complete with eyelets and special picture wire. These kits are ideal if your picture has frayed old string, or if you’ve made your own frame.

For lightweight pictures, angle-drive hooks are the easiest to use – simply locate the hook on the wall and drive in the nail.




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