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Ryobi Reciprocating Saw – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi Reciprocating Saw – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi Reciprocating Saw – Kevin Farrell

If you’ve ever wished there was one saw that could handle any job, then your wish has come true, because the reciprocating saw is the one.

It’s often called a ‘sabre saw’ because of the way it’s held, actually, it’s held much like a chainsaw, and it will do many jobs that a chainsaw, circular saw or jigsaw will do.

It works very simply – the blade reciprocates (moves in and out) much like a giant jigsaw, plus the long handle and small base gives incredible versatility. You can cut practically anything with a reciprocating saw, such as steel, aluminium, copper and plastic pipe, nails, bolts, ceramics, masonry, tree limbs and, of course, wood.

This saw is 18 volt cordless, so it has plenty of power, plus the batteries are interchangeable with all the other Ryobi 18 volt tools.

The blades are very flexible, allowing the saw to reach into difficult places. In fact, many jobs that this tool will do could only be done with a hand-held hacksaw. It can cut straight lines and curves, make notches, and cut deeper than just about any circular saw. ]

While it won’t replace all your other saws, it probably will be the first saw you pick up when you work around the home.

  • Kev’s tip: Buy a variety of blades for different purposes so you have them on stand-by for when you need them.




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