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Paint Stripping – Faye de Lanty

Paint Stripping – Faye de Lanty

Paint Stripping – Faye de Lanty

Paint Stripping – Faye de Lanty

Paint Stripping – Faye de Lanty

There’s several ways to remove paint. You could sand it off, but that’s hard work and sanding old lead-based paint is a health risk. Caustic baths can damage your items.

Paint strippers are a great way to easily remove paint, and there are several types available – such as spray-ons for fiddly jobs, low-fume for working inside, and fast-acting types to get the job done fast. Faye used Selleys Fast-Acting Kwik-Strip to remove the paint from an old hall table.

Step one: Work outdoors and prepare by laying down a drop sheet and placing the item in an open garbage bag with some newspaper. Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses.

Step two: Paint or spray the stripper thickly and quickly. Use an old disposable brush. Close the bag over to assist the stripper to do its job without evaporating. It should only take 5 to 15 minutes.

Open the bag and use a scraper to remove the paint from flat surfaces. Wood shavings are useful for turnings and carvings, and a scrubbing brush is good for nooks and crannies. Reapply the stripper to any stubborn areas.

Step three: Wash down to neutralise and remove all traces of paint stripper, then use sandpaper to prepare for painting, staining or polishing.

Faye’s Tip: Kwik-Strip is good for restoring clogged paintbrushes too.

Selleys products are available at all good hardware stores.




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