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Entertainment Unit – MitrePlan – Kevin Farrell

Entertainment Unit – MitrePlan – Kevin Farrell

Entertainment Unit – MitrePlan – Kevin Farrell

Entertainment Unit – MitrePlan – Kevin Farrell

Entertainment Unit – MitrePlan – Kevin Farrell

Kevin made a stylish but simple entertainment unit. You’ll need a weekend to do it, mainly due to the paint. The only gear you will need is a saw, a couple of drills, sander and some hardware.

Step one: Cut the parts using your saw and a straight-edge. Work on the floor and lay the MDF sheets on sacrificial timber. Wear a dust mask when cutting MDF, as well as your other safety gear.

Step two: Assemble the cabinet on the floor. Glue each joint with Aquadhere, and countersink all screws to finish just below the surface. Drill pilot holes too, because MDF tends to split if you force screws straight in.

Step three: Fill all the screw holes with polyester resin (such as Selleys Plasti-Bond). When it’s set hard, sand the surfaces and edges ready for painting.

Step four: Make the drawers by gluing and nailing the pieces together. Use fine nails so you don’t split the MDF.

Step five: Paint the cabinet, shelves and drawers. Start with a primer (such as White Knight’s MDF primer) to seal all the surfaces thoroughly and quickly. Then finish with the paint of your choice. Kevin chose a low-sheen acrylic.

Step six: Once the paint is dry you can fit the drawers. Roller drawer-slides make this step very easy. Then drill the holes for the shelf pins. Kevin made a template from a scrap of ply to make sure all the holes line up. He also used a drill-stop to make sure he didn’t drill too deep.

Make cut-outs in the back of your selves to make cabling easy, and for the same reason drill a few large diameter holes in the back of the divisions.

On the cabinet bottom, fix on the 70 x 35mm stiffeners, then screw on the legs. Make sure the back legs are positioned so they won’t hit your skirting boards.

Finish off by fitting the draw knobs, nailing on the plywood backs, and loading your new cabinet with all your entertainment gear.

Now sit back and watch Let’s Do It!

Kev’s Tip: Use a Warrington (also called a “Brad” or “Cross Pein” hammer) to drive short or fine nails. The cross pein is great for starting short nails, and the head is shaped for good control.




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