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Billycart – Monte Dwyer

Billycart – Monte Dwyer

Billycart – Monte Dwyer

Billycart – Monte Dwyer

If you’re looking for a way to get the kids up from in front of the telly and out into the sunshine, why not build a billycart?

You can get all the parts at your local hardware store: wheels and axles, timber, plywood, fasteners and a bit of rope.

Tool-wise, you’ll only need a drill, saw, a couple of spanners and a pair of pliers.

This is a traditional billy cart that’s cheap and easy to build, but is strong and safe. It’s just the thing to get the kids outdoors.

Step 1: Cut the parts. You can use a power saw for a quick job, or maybe get the kids to help with a handsaw. Neatness is not really important, so if the kids can’t cut quite square it’s okay. You’ll need to assemble the wheels to the axles so you can measure the lengths of the axle support timber then screw the axles to the supports.

Step 2: Assemble the seat with 40mm countersunk screws. Screw the chassis bar and rear axle support to the seat. Drill the pivot hole in the centre of the front axle support. Sit the kids in the seat to find the position for the pivot bolt in the chassis bar. It’s important that the rider is able to turn the front wheels without a foot falling off the support. If you have kids in a wide variety of sizes, you can drill several holes in the chassis bar and adjust to suit. The pivot bolt must have a locking nut to prevent it from vibrating off.

Step 3: Drill two 10mm holes in the front axle support and tie-off the steering rope. Fit the brake lever (again using a locking nut)

Step 4: Put the head-gear on the kids and have fun!

We’ve added a hand-brake since Monte’s accident, and don’t worry – only his pride was hurt.

For the complete instructions, parts and shopping list, please click here to download the PDF.

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