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Selleys Kwik Grip – Kevin Farrell

Selleys Kwik Grip – Kevin Farrell

Selleys Kwik Grip – Kevin Farrell

Selleys Kwik Grip – Kevin Farrell

Many people don’t read instructions until all else fails. Contact adhesive is a good example, because it seems that people often simply paint it on and bring the two parts together. If you do that, the glue can’t do its job.

Kevin demonstrated by gluing plastic laminate onto small bench tops. He did one the right way and one the wrong way. He painted Selleys Kwik Grip glue liberally onto all the surfaces, and left one bench top to dry. With the other bench top he tried to get the plastic laminate to stick straight away, but it easily pealed off again.

After waiting about 15 minutes, the first bench top is still not stuck, and the other parts are tacky – almost touch-dry. This is now ready, so Kevin pressed the plastic laminate down on the bench top with his hands. It’s clearly stuck down for good, but Kevin warns that you must carefully position the laminate before allowing the two parts to touch.

Bench tops are not the only use for Kwik Grip, because it’s perfect for any job that’s difficult or impossible to clamp, like a shoe with a loose sole. Simply spread the glue between the sole and upper (a tube and nozzle is ideal for getting into tight spots like this), squeeze the two halves together to make sure the glue is evenly spread, then wait until the glue is tacky.

You might need to hold the two parts apart with a screwdriver or block. Once dry, press the parts together and they’re stuck for good.




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