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White Knight Terracotta Spray – Faye de Lanty

White Knight Terracotta Spray – Faye de Lanty

White Knight Terracotta Spray – Faye de Lanty

White Knight Terracotta Spray – Faye de Lanty

The warm natural tones of terracotta can now be added to everyday items with this clever paint from White Knight. Items will even feel like terracotta, and it’s a very simple process.

It can be used on plastic, wood, glass, metal, masonry, craft foam, and even wicker.
Make sure surfaces are clean and dry before painting. Lightly sand previously painted surfaces to remove any gloss or loose, flaky paint.

Use a drop sheet to protect the area from over-spray. Shake the can well for a minute or so, then spray the object using a sweeping motion to give an even coating. Keep the can upright, and about 30 to 40cm away from the surface. This should help prevent runs.

Apply a second coat, if necessary, within an hour, and it will be touch dry in 2 to 6 hours. Full cure takes up to 24 hours.

White Knight Terracotta Spray is available in two finishes: Glazed and natural.
The glazed finish is a deep red, and dries to a high gloss. The natural finish is similar to unglazed flower pots, and has a very matt finish.

Faye painted some cheap items from craft and discount shops to give them a rich, earthy appearance. Even polystyrene foam can look like real terracotta, perhaps for a wall finish that looks like high-priced terracotta tiles and insulates too?

Cheap concrete pavers can be easily transformed with this hard-wearing paint.

Available at all good hardware stores.




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