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Ryobi Electric Chainsaw – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi Electric Chainsaw – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi Electric Chainsaw – Kevin Farrell

Ryobi Electric Chainsaw – Kevin Farrell

Petrol-driven chainsaws can make you somewhat unpopular with the neighbours, but they are an incredibly useful machine around the yard. Ryobi have come up with a solution – the electric chainsaw!

This machine has the same power as a petrol-driven saw, and uses the same chain and bar. The safety features are also the same, as it has “dogs” to grip the work and a chain brake, which stops the chain instantly if you get kickback.

The only fluid required is chain bar oil, which self-feeds onto the chain to provide essential lubrication. The electric motor has tonnes of torque and a centrifugal clutch so the chain starts gently.

Because there’s no fuel tank, this saw can be used at any angle – even upside down – making it ideal for pruning. In fact you can use if for heavy structural landscaping, cutting firewood, and tree felling (if you have permission).

Whatever type of chainsaw you use, always wear sturdy clothing, boots, gloves, face-shield and ear muffs. Never use the tip of the saw for cutting, or you risk kickback (the saw is thrown back towards your face). Also make sure that the off cuts will fall away freely without jamming the blade.

Kev reckons the best feature of all is that an electric chainsaw starts every time!




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